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Welcome to Ambrosia Technology, LLC., manufactures of SEA-CROP® ocean mineral concentrate.


SEA-CROP® is the most innovative organic certified agricultural amendment in over a generation.  It has been proven effective on a global scale providing farmers with a strategic tool to:

Registered Organic Input Material
  • Improve yield

  • Improve nutrient density, flavor & keeping qualities

  • Improve nutrient uptake and utilization

  • Increase photosynthesis

  • Increase Brix

  • Improve soil tilth

  • Increase microbiol and Mychorrhizal populations

  • Reduce transplant stress

  • Increase metabolic efficiency

  • Increase anti-oxidants

  • Improve environmental tolerance to drought, pest pressure, etc.


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Ocean Mineral Concentrate

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What is SEA-CROP®

 Ocean water contains over 90 naturally occurring elements.  SEA-CROP® is carefully collected and processed in a manner that preserves the natural organic matter of the seawater.


SEA-CROP® is composed of organic matter and minerals derived from pristine seawater. Unlike other sea minerals, SEA-CROP® has never been dried or subjected to heat. Drying or heating can destroy organic compounds. SEA-CROP® is an easy to use solution of minerals in ionic liquid form.

SEA-CROP® is intended to be used as part of a fertility plan. The goal is to produce healthy crops that are naturally disease and pest resistant because of good nitrogen utilization and complete protein syntheses.



The Book

Seawater Concentrate for Abundant Agriculture was written by the inventor of SEA-CROP®, Arthur Zeigler. It is a highly recommended read for anyone seriously interested in the details of using seawater minerals for crop production.

With data from many trials from around the world, this book provides the proof farmers need to take the next step in choosing SEA-CROP® for their crops and animals.

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the Book

About US

Zeigler Family

We are the Zeigler family; the inventor, sole manufacturer and patent holder of SEA-CROP®.


Ours is a multi-generational, family run business operating for more than 15 years. 


We are extremely pleased to bring our lifelong passion for plant and animal nutrition to farmers, ranchers, dairymen, orchardists, vintners and gardeners from around the world.

About Us

Ambrosia Technology, LLC

P.O. Box 6

Raymond, WA 98477


Thank you for contacting us! We'll be in touch soon.



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